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Certain checklists that come handy when you want to buy snowboard jackets

Snowboard jackets are an essential item when you want to go snowboarding. As such these can come in one piece style as a jumpsuit or in separate pairs of snowboard jackets and pants. These snowboard jackets are to be worn over the regular set of clothes when snowboarding or skiing.

While buying snowboard jackets you might be faced with many questions to which you might need certain answers. A quick summary follows here which might help you a little when you plan to buy snowboard jackets.

First and the foremost important thing is to check the breathability index of the snowboard jacket.  You can choose the index according to the use of your jacket in either warmer or colder temperatures.

While snowboarding you would of course not want to be stuck up in harsh weather conditions over mountain tops completely drenched. In such a scenario make sure that waterproof rating of your snowboard jacket is up to the correct threshold.

Style might be of utmost importance to you, but while buying snowboard jackets make sure you buy one with a regular fit. Snowboard jackets are usually combined with one or more fleeces underneath, so a regular fit would be apt.

Also make sure that your snowboard jacket pockets adapt well to your essentials. Things that you might need while snowboarding are to be accommodated well in your jacket.

The above checklist is not an exhaustive list of factors to consider while buying snowboard jackets, but it will surely give you head start. Happy snowboarding with these handy tips.