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Safety shoes are not just for the work zone

Safety shoes are not just for the work zone

Just as clothes serve to protect the body from cold; gloves keeping [while on one is on duty] the hands from being harmed; SAFETY SHOES [which are often regarded as SAFETY BOOTS] serve the same protective purpose for the feet and legs.


Essentially, SAFETY SHOES are used in the professional line- a forester’s/firefighter’s/hunter’s day in the field is not set without one. Also, in fashion trends, SAFETY SHOES come in handy, as men and women could graciously consolidate their denim with a pair.


While the shoes are important parts of some person’s daily routine, stylish individuals could love to sport a pair of these shoes on. A lady could complement her tight fitted or free flowing denim dress with a pair of knee strapped SAFETY SHOES.

These ones [specifically designed for women] should fuel your admiration for SAFETY SHOES:


FIREFIGHTER’S SAFETY SHOES: Due to the long hours of their routine, a firefighter’s top priority, when purchasing a pair of boots, should be comfort and not fashion. The boots should have a good layer of kevlar and features that enable good insulation and quick movement.

SAFETY SHOES FOR FORESTER: The ideal boots for foresters should be a steel-toe boot that offers protection against chain saw, trees and other forest hazards.

Factory workers also need safety boots.


You might have seen a boot having either a ‘square’ or triangular sign on the outside but this sign might have been taken as just a design. However, these symbols are of great importance to a professional. For instance:

  • Boots with Fir tree indicates protection against chain-saws. This is the forester’s choice.
  • Boots with red square and the letter ‘C’ indicates electrical conductivity
  • Boots with yellow square (with letters ‘SD’) indicates anti-static protection
  • Boots with white square and ohm symbol (i.e unit of electrical resistance) connotes electrical protection.
  • Boots with green triangle have puncture-resistant sole. So, do boots with yellow triangle.
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